To Travel | Interview

Während meiner Reise nach Lissabon habe ich zahlreiche Leute aus aller Welt bei einer Pubtour kennengelernt. Einer davon war Scott, 21 Jahre alt aus Kanada. Er ist als Backpacker unterwegs. Es war sehr interessant mich mit ihm über Reisen zu unterhalten und später stellte ich ihm einige Fragen die ich mit meinen Lesern teilen möchte 😉

On my trip to Lisbon i met several people from all over the world during a Pubtour by night. One guy i met was Scott, 21 years old from Canada. He’s a backpacker. It was really interesting to talk with him about traveling and later I asked him some questions which I wanna share with my readers 😉

What do you like about traveling?

I could probably go on forever to fully answer that question, but I think what I like the most is just the un expected, not knowing what will happen or who you will meet, especially traveling alone.

Why and when did you decide to travel to Europe?

Before I came to Europe I was dating a girl in Canada for a few years and when we broke up I wanted a change of scene so I ended up buying a one way ticket to Spain.

How did you plan your trip?

Not a lot of planning went into this trip to be honest, I knew I always wanted to go to Barcelona, so I bought a plane ticket and haven‘ t been planning more than one or two days ahead since.

What do you enjoy more: to travel with friends,… or on your own?

For me it depends on the trip, for a long term trip like I’m doing now I prefer to be alone, but for shorter trips or road trips I like to do it with a solid group of friends.

What was your favorite, most beautiful experience you made on your trip so far?

Though question for sure, I just got back yesterday from a couple days in the desert in southern morocco with another girl I met in Lisboa, that was pretty rad.

What was the most difficult situation?

Hmm I’m not sure, I guess I have been pretty lucky so far!

Have you noticed any big differences between Canada and Europe (Spain, Portugal…)?

The biggest difference for me would probably be alcohol, it was crazy to me seeing people drinking on the streets and in the squares, that doesn‘ t fly in Canada.

Which is your favorite city/country?

I would probably say Barcelona… Barcelona has everything haha

P.S. Ich ließ den Text auf Englisch, also original wie Scott mir die Antworten zusandte…